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Welcome to SEO Port St. Lucie!

SEO Port St Lucie is one the best high quality, yet cost effective, SEO companies in the Southeast. As a small agency, they are able to offer personalized customer service to their clients ensuring that each client’s unique needs are meet.
SEO Port St. Lucie understands the client relationship and contributes their expertise and creativity to each and every assignment. We deliver results based on validated research and proven methods.
Who Are We?
David Saba has a background in software engineering and internet marketing, holding a degree in Computer Science. Amir Seliger is graphic designer and a sought after SEO speaker. Together, they are a dynamic partnership of two highly skilled and motivated computer professionals who bring expertise, innovation and versatility to the field of SEO.

What Services Do We Provide?

Web Design

We’ll design and develop your website to include the features you desire. We will keep the site clear and concise to ensure fast downloads. The site will also be tested so that when it goes live, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Relevant Backlinking

We will high quality, relevant links freely based on editorial judgment . Our clients can be assured that we will never use low quality, spammy, irrelevant links, links from untrustworthy sources or traded links.

Local Lead Generation

We can provide lead generation for businesses not looking to rank their sites organically. It does not matter who you are we can help you generate leads.

Keyword Research

Using a proven method of non competitive words that have a high commercial value, we can give you insight into which keywords to target.
SEO Consulting

We use our own specially developed techniques to help relay actionable things you can do to increase online exposure.
Pay Per Click and Facebook Advertising

Organic SEO takes time, so in the meantime, we can allot a portion of your budget to manage your PPC campaigns so you dont have to wait while we get your SEO results. PPC is also a great way to determine if there is a viable audience for your product or service. Keyword research cannot replace the value of a well executed PPC campaign.

What Types of Results Can We Deliver

Although we cannot publicly disclose our clients website, what we can tell you the following companies we have ranked on the first page:

  • Spot for Mattress Company
  • Spot for Water Damage Company
  • Spot for Locksmith Company
  • Spot for Public Adjuster
  • Spot for Closet Company
  • Spot for Real Estate Investment Company

and the rankings go on and on! When you decide to meet with us, we can show you proof!

Why Should You Work with Us

Simply put, we get things done in a timely, professional manner. You can be assured that you will get the best possible service and results for the best possible price.

Work With the Best

We try to fully commit our time and resources to each client. Therefore, we only take a few each month. If you would like to be one of our lucky client, call us directly at (786) 463 4030. We want to see you succeed online!
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Work With the Best

In order to commit our time and resources, we only take a few clients each month. Whats more, we take 1 client per niche per city, that way, we do not compete among our clients. In order to determine if we can help you, we need to ask you a few questions to learn more about your business. Please fill out the form below or call us directly at (786) 463 4030. We want to see you succeed online!