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Hello, I’m David Saba, owner of SEO-Opa-Locka.com, the premier search engine optimization and internet marketing advertising agency in Opa-Locka, FL. In the past 3 years, I have ranked hundreds of web pages on the first page of Google. I can do the same for you!

I have trained with industry experts to learn and apply search engine secrets. As a computer programming expert and marketing specialist I know what I am doing. My first job out of college was writing software for Motorola police radios. Now I do internet marketing full time.

If you are looking for quality SEO, you’ve come to the right place! You’ve found the best SEO company in Opa-Locka. Since we are not a huge agency, we keep our overhead costs down by focusing on exclusive clients. Venture capitalists offered to turn us into a big agency, but we declined. We intend to remain a boutique agency so we can deliver the quality results our clients deserve.

We can help you increase your online exposure or help you understand why your website is not ranking.

Here’s proof! This is just one of our clients ranking for a highly competitive keyword:

This is a depersonalized search, meaning, we are logged out of Google. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. Need more proof? Give us a call and we’ll show you!

What Types of Results Can we Deliver

We cannot publicly disclose our clients websites, but we can disclose the following companies we have ranked on the first page:

  • #1 Spot for Mattress Company
  • #1 Spot for Water Damage Company
  • #1 Spot for Locksmith Company
  • #1 Spot for Public Adjuster
  • #1 Spot for Closet Company
  • #1 Spot for Real Estate Investment Company
  • Meet with us and we’ll show you proof!

Why Should You Work with Us?

Because we get things done.

Unlike big web agencies that have huge overhead, we can provide you better results at a fraction of the cost. Agencies usually utilize our services to rank their clients, marking up our work up to 200%. Quality SEO is not cheap, but, we can offer you more for your money.
Give us a call.”

Work With the Best

In order to commit our time and resources, we only take a few clients each month. Whats more, we take 1 client per niche per city, that way, we do not compete among our clients. In order to determine if we can help you, we need to ask you a few questions to learn more about your business. Please fill out the form below or call us directly at (786) 463 4030. We want to see you succeed online!