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How To Easily Reset Your WordPress Password Using cPanel and PhpMyAdmin

Forgetting your wordpress login and password is something that invariable happen if you manage a lot of websites. There is also the possibility you need to reset your password because someone else changed it or you you were hacked. Learning how to reset your wordpress password through PhpMyAdmin can save you hours trying to guess the right password. WordPress uses a MySQL Database, which can be accessed through the cPanel by clicking on phpMyAdmin.

Follow the steps below to reset your WordPress password:

Access Your cPanel: Once you are in you will want access your MySQL database by clicking on phpMyAdmin.

Once inside phpMyAdmin, select the database your wordpress site uses. If you are not sure, you can always check your wp-config.php file using the File Manager in cPanel.

Open the wp_users table, click on it and then click on the Browse Tab. You will be presented with all the registered users information. You might notice that the password is composed of what seems to be arbitrary figures. That is because the password is encrypted before its saved for security reasons.

Changing WordPress Password through PhpMyAdmin

Locate the record you want to update, and under “Options” click on “Edit”. Now enter your new password as plain text in the user_pass field but don’t save this quite yet!. You need to encrypt the password by selecting MD5 from the dropdown in the “functions” column. Alternatively, you you could use an online MD5 hash generator.

To save your password, simply click “Go”. That’s it! You can now login with your new password through yoursite.com/wp-admin

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